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02 février 2018

The list of 4 schools

Since the implementation of the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, what has changed? Tan Xuxiang said, three years, Beijing city development idea and mode of development are of great change: development concept from the "centralization of resources for growth" to "ease the development", focus on the city economy development mode from the growth to pay more attention to the city to enhance the quality of development, from the transformation of the city's own concern for pay more attention to regional coordinated development, coordinated development, every city, every region, the regional coordinated development in the search of development ideas, to find good function".

Specifically, Tan Xuxiang, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, so that the people of Beijing have more green mountains and rivers of good air, air quality improved significantly, the ecological environment continues to improve, people suffering from heart and lung is easing; last year to ease for regulating and promoting the act of ascension, demolition vacate the land for the "green space" area of over 3200 hectares.

From the perspective of economic data and economic quality in 2017, the ease of non capital function did not let us lose development opportunities and get a more solid foundation for development, Tan Xuxiang said. Last year, the total economic volume of the city was over 2 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 6.7% over the same period last year. Beijing's investment in Tianjin and Hebei has risen sharply, for more than three years, over 560 billion of the amount of investment has been paid.

4 schools and kindergartens

Last August, the two governments of Beijing and Hebei signed the support agreement for the construction of Xiong an new area, identified 8 key cooperation areas and a number of support projects in advance, and promoted the orderly transfer of non capital functions to Xiong an new area. In the public service, through the "turnkey" support xiongan district public services to enhance the level of kindergarten, primary school, Beihai historian Beijing fourth, Xuanwu hospital in Beijing, a good school known to every family settled in the hospital xiongan, help xiongan district planning and construction starts.

Tan Xuxiang introduced that at present, the agreement to build Zhongguancun science and Technology Park in Xiong an new area has been signed. In a "turnkey" new preparatory work for 3 schools and 1 hospitals actively promote, helping their counterparts in 4 schools and kindergartens to determine the list: Beijing eightieth middle school, third primary school, Zhongguancun Chaoyang experimental primary school, 61 kindergartens were counterparts support Anxin County second middle school, Rongcheng County primary school, Xiongxian primary school, Xiongxian second kindergarten.

"Next step, we will accelerate support for the early work of 3 new schools and 1 hospitals in Xiong an new area, and strive to start construction as soon as possible, so as to achieve 4 schools listed on the counterpart cooperation." Tan Xuxiang said.

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28 décembre 2017

Check and punish the "children's cult film"

The news said that at present,You Find online Ltd. is a seo company hong kong that specialized in full digital marketing service. With offices in Hong Kong and China, we can provide an online solutions that can optimize your company's search result. the relevant websites have carried out self-examination and cleaning up. The office of "pornography and non beating" will continue to pay attention. Enterprises who fail to fulfill their main responsibilities and cause harmful videos and information dissemination will be severely punished once they are verified. It is hoped that the broad masses of Internet users will actively report the "non" illegal behavior involving "Huang". PolyU offers internship programmes opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.The national "anti pornography" office telephone number 12390, or through China's anti pornography and non network, "pornography and non beating" WeChat public number and "pornography and non competition" client online report.

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Recently, the "children's cult" into China, the content of vulgar violence is worrying. "Evil movie" is directly drawn from children's favorite animated cartoons. However, the characters in the original cartoons are tortured and abused, which are generally horrifying, thrilling, and all kinds of absurd plots that do not conform to human principles. As early as in 2016, children's videos with violent and pornographic elements that had been banned in the external network had been flowing into China and spread rapidly in major video sites in a short time. In this, there is an account named "happy Disney", one of the earlier accounts of the domestic and production of Related videos. The result of the registered company called "Guangzhou Yin Jun Trade Co., Ltd., an employee of the company said they have been contacted by QQ with the boss, there came the script sent shooting, shot again to the boss. As for why this kind of content is taken, how the video is uploaded and which websites are uploaded, the employee says it is not clear.

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13 septembre 2017

A few meats are more nutritious than meat

1. Potatoes
The nutritional components of potatoes are relatively comprehensive, rich in carbohydrates, accounting for 16.5%, higher than that of Chinese yam, and carbohydrates mainly exist in the form of starch. Most of them are high quality starch, so potatoes can replace main food under certain circumstances.Having a ceramic vape cartridge is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it\\\\\\\'s healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature. It contains more protein, accounting for 2.3%, which is significantly higher than that of common fresh root vegetables, and its protein is complete protein, lysine and other essential amino acids have high content and high nutritional value to human body. The content of fat in potatoes is low, accounting for only 0.1%. Potatoes also contain a variety of vitamins, such as carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C and so on, and the content of vitamin C is higher than that of carrot. Although the content of vitamins in potatoes is not very high, it can be used as the main source of vitamins in fruit and vegetables in the low season. In addition, potatoes also contain coarse fibers and more minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium, especially rich in potassium and magnesium. The amount of heat produced by potatoes is more than twice as high as that of cereals. From the point of view of nutrition, it is better than rice and noodle. European and American experts believe that people eat full fat milk and potatoes for every meal, and get all the nutrients that the body needs.
The motherland medicine thinks that the potato sex is flat and sweet, with the effect of the stomach tune, the Invigorating Qi, strengthening the spleen, strengthening the body and kidney, reducing inflammation, activating blood and eliminating swelling and so on. It can treat dyspepsia, loss of appetite, habitual constipation, fatigue, muscle and bone injury, mumps, joint pain, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic stomachache, skin eczema and other diseases.
Lily is also known as "lily", "lily", "plant nepenthes". The nutritional value is high, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, and a variety of vitamins. In particular, there are a lot of carotenoids, which are among the best in the vegetables, not as good as carrots. It is very beneficial to the health of the human body, especially for the development of the fetus, so some places take it as a necessary food for pregnant women and mothers.
Because of the ingredients such as winter alkali, golden needle dish has the functions of hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, diuresis, stomach strengthening, and antics. Its flowers, stems, leaves and roots are all very good medicinal materials. Its flowers, folk often used to treat stool with blood, urinating, constipation and postpartum no milk and so on.Do you have ideas about hong kong hotels booking? If no, maybe Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong could give you suggestions about booking Hong Kong hotel.
3, tomato
Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, contain a variety of nutrients, rich in vitamins, inorganic salts, carbohydrates, organic acids, and a small amount of protein and fat. Especially contains vitamin C, vitamin B2, apple is 2 times, 3 times the fat, vitamin B1, carotene equivalent to apple, apple is higher than 4 times, for the crown of the nicotinic acid content of fruit and vegetable; inorganic salt rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, boron, manganese and copper content; it also contains the valley glutathione, tomato, tomato alkali and citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids.
The motherland medicine thinks tomatoes slightly cold sweet acid, liver and stomach. With Shengjinzhike, Jianweixiaoshi, Qingre heat, cooling blood and liver, kidney diuresis and bloodpressur. Treatment of febrile thirst, loss of appetite, filled with heat and other diseases. "Lu Chuan" recorded in Materia Medica "it can Shengjinzhike, Jianweixiaoshi, cure thirst, loss of appetite".
Vegetable white celery
4. Sweet potato leaves

Sweet potato leaves contain a lot of vitamin A, which can protect the eyesight. Everyone knows that eating carrots is good for the eyes, but in fact, the unit vitamin A content in the sweet potato leaves is three times more than that of the carrot. We all know that vitamins can improve immunity, the content of sweet potato stem tip in vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2 in tomato, cucumber, cabbage and other 13 kinds of vegetables is the highest! Eating 300 grams of sweet potato leaves every day is enough for a day's vitamin intake.
5. Lettuce leaves
Contains a lot of potassium in lettuce leaves, is conducive to the regulation of body water and salt balance, aperient diuresis ~ niacin content is also very rich, some people have diabetes can pay attention to home, niacin is activator of insulin, particularly beneficial for patients with diabetes. In fact, bitter lettuce leaves also have a certain resistance, so don't eat too much, eat too much may head Paste Oh, but a few days later he will stop eating well ~ eye diseases have to eat dermes .

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17 août 2017

New McDonald's set to expand faster in China

Some 2,000 quick service outlets to open by 2022 in small cities

McDonald's Corp, the global fast-food chain that has forged a new partnership in China last month, will expand faster by opening 2,000 new restaurants in the next five years.

They will be set up mostly in third-and fourth-tier cities with a focus on take-aways and digitalized services.

The company said it will increase its expansion pace from about 250 new outlets this year to 500 per year from 2022 onward.Guangdong hong kong hotel price convenient online reservation system & special price discount to all guests. We sincerely invite you to make the reservation of hotel rooms on our website & get unique special discount.

It did not disclose other details like the scale of new investments that would ensue.

The new partnership, jointly established by CITIC Ltd, CITIC Capital, Carlyle Capital and McDonald's, paid $2.08 billion for the US-based fast food chain's business in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

The deal received regulatory approval and was completed on July 31.

The new company will become McDonald's largest franchisee outside of the United States.

CITIC Ltd and CITIC Capital together hold a majority 52 percent stake in the new company, while Carlyle Capital will hold 28 percent, and McDonald's 20 percent.

Currently, McDonald's operates and manages 2,500 restaurants in the Chinese mainland, including 600 franchises, and 240 restaurants in Hong Kong.

The new company will manage all the 2,000 new restaurants directly.

Despite McDonald's global dominance, KFC, owned by Yum China, has bigger presence in the Chinese quick service restaurant. Yum China runs more than 5,000 KFC restaurants in over 1,100 cities and counties.

KFC's wide presence in China appears to have bolstered the confidence of McDonald's investors in the new expansion plan, industry insiders said.

The new partnership of McDonald's aims to achieve double-digit sales growth annually in the next five years.

The goal includes delivery coverage of 3,375 restaurants or over 75 percent of the total.

"China will soon become our largest market outside of the United States," said Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's president and CEO.

"The mainland and Hong Kong are leading the global system in capturing new consumer trends such as delivery and digitalization and it is driving strong performance and growth momentum."

Zhang Yichen, the new chairman of McDonald's China, said restaurant ownership at the local level will foster entrepreneurial spirit within the company.

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For example, considering the strong demand for takeout food and the population density in China, Zhang emailed Easterbrook regarding the need to develop a customized software system for the Chinese market.

The latter dispatched McDonald's global IT team to support the China business. Now, the take away operation in China tops the global chain's comparable systems across markets.

Zhang said CITIC has more than 1,400 bank branches in China. Besides, CITIC and Carlyle's extensive resources and market expertise in real estate, supply chains, retail, consumer goods and technology, coupled with the global quality standards and branding of McDonald's, will prove to be a winning formula.Victoria (Belcher) nursery school & Kindergarten, as an "IB World School", aims to help children to reach their highest potential and provides opportunities promoting to top International Schools and Band One Primary Schools.

Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel China, a firm that researches shopper behavior, said, "CITIC operates many branches in third-and fourth-tier cities, and they understand the local market, hence will be able to help McDonald's to choose appropriate sites for new restaurants and also provide useful real estate information."

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10 août 2017

Guangdong to build world's longest coast road

Guangdong province is planning to build the world's longest coastal road—a 1,600 kilometer-long stretch of pavement that will connect 14 coastal cities, Nanfang Daily reported boutique hotel hongkong.

The coastal cities include Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Shanwei, Jieyang, Shantou, and Chaozhou. Construction of the Zhanjiang section will start before 2018. At more than 500 kilometers, the section will take up about one third of the total length international student exchange programs.

The coastal road in the south China province consists of 600 kilometers of upgraded road and over 1,000 kilometers of newly constructed road. It will be divided into different sections based on four functions: coastal urban areas; tourism and sightseeing; beautiful villages; and landscape transitions. In addition to driving lanes, the road will also include bicycle lanes.

The road will pass by 90 tourist attractions, including Nan'ao Bay, Xunliao Bay, Hailing Island, and Fangji Island. Visitors can enjoy a stunning journey along the route Dating Service.

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03 août 2017

Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds

Fitness tracker makers would have you believe that all that stands between you and the motivation to get up off your couch and get healthy is their shiny wearable device.

But a new study conducted by researchers in the UK suggests that, in some circumstances, fitness wearables can end up doing the opposite: becoming a de-motivating factor, after the initial novelty of wearing a tracker wears off.

Researchers at Brunel University London the University of Birmingham conducted an eight-week study to investigate whether fitness wearables could encourage young teenagers to take more exercise.

Their study focused on school pupils, aged 13 to 14, with participants split nearly equally between genders (44 girls and 40 boys), and recruited from two different schools in the north and south of the UK. The teenagers were asked to wear a Fitbit Charge wristband for eight weeks; to use the Fitbit app; and to take part in surveys and focus groups, before and after the trial period ended, responding to questions about how they felt about exercising and using the device.

The researchers had expected the wearable to have a positive impact on encouraging teens to exercise across a range of different forms of motivation, as well as hypothesizing it would help avoid kids feeling demotivated about physical activity.

However, while the researchers record an initial “novelty” bump in interest in physical activity among some participants “for the first few weeks”, the results of the full study were the opposite of encouraging — with participants overall reporting feeling less confident about their competence at exercising, and ultimately discouraged from doing so.

“It was consistently reported that after about 4 weeks pupils became bored with the Fitbit,” the researchers write. “This evidence suggests that though the Fitbit serves to promote physical activity, for the pupils in this study, the Fitbit may have only produced modest and short-term effects.”

Fitbit’s non-personalized 10,000 steps per day target, for example, was cited as an unfair and pressurizing goal by study participants — generating feelings of guilt or lack of ability among users, which in turn acted as a disincentive for taking more exercise.

Study participants also reported feeling like they had less choice over how to engage in physical activity — which also ended up being a demotivating factor.

While pressure from competition with peers, encouraged via in-app comparison in a social leaderboard scenario, also ultimately negatively impacted participants’ motivation to exercise.

“Data from this study demonstrated that though clear potential exists, healthy lifestyle technologies negatively impact young people’s motivation for physical activity,” the researchers write. “Competition, peer comparison and social comparison to normative predetermined targets result in only short-term motivational effects.”

In their paper they reference a framework of motivational behavior in youth physical activity, called self-determination theory, which proposes that individuals are optimally motivated if they are making changes fully of their own volition, and therefore internalizing the rational for doing so and satisfying core psychological needs; vs responding to feelings of “controlled motivation” — be it to avoid feelings of guilt or obtain social approval, or else gain a reward or avoid a punishment.

And while the researchers note that Fitbit’s wearable does include features that could, at least in theory, help support youngsters’ “basic psychological needs” to be self-motivated to exercise — citing features such as elements within the app that allow goal setting, give feedback on performance, and messaging features, for example — in practice the study found that Fitbit’s non-personalized goals ended up imposing overly exacting standards of social comparison on participants BU BBA.

And that pressure over peer-group competition and standardized goals squeezed out any potential for the Fitbit to support more sustained motivation for individual youngsters.

“Our data suggests that peer-comparison was a key factor in undermining levels of competence and autonomous motivation. There wasn’t a desire for our participants to be more active for themselves and their own goals, or for fun, it was simply because they wanted to beat their mates,” said study author, Dr Charlotte Kerner, in a statement BU BBA.

“Self-determined forms of motivation are much better in encouraging people to engage in a particular behaviour,” she added.

Despite the negative findings, the researchers suggest digital technologies could still play a useful role in encouraging exercise among young people — if they are coupled with support and guidance to help “educate young people in personalisation and interpreting data for individual goals and ability, rather than encouraging young people to compare themselves to others or a normative standard of achievement”.

They also emphasize the importance of autonomy in motivating young people to be more physically active.

“Young people need to see themselves as capable and confident, and the ‘origin’ of their behaviours rather than a ‘pawn’,” they add University network .

The study, entitled The Motivational Impact of Wearable Healthy Lifestyle Technologies: A Self-determination Perspective on Fitbits With Adolescents, is published in the American Journal of Health Education.

We reached out to Fitbit for comment on the study — we’ll update this story with any response.

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20 juillet 2017

Used car market cruises ahead as limitations lifted

The used car sector is speeding along the fast lane in China, as hurdles that affect its development are disappearing one by one, according to industry insiders.

Statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association show that just under 1 million used cars were sold in May, a 19 percent increase year-on-year DSE Maths Mock Paper.

The performance brought overall car sales in the first five months to 4.8 million vehicles, up 20.7 percent from the same period last year.

The CADA expects the growth rate to hover around 20 percent, with sales to reach 12 million vehicles this year. China saw 10.39 million used cars sold last year, a 10.41 percent growth year-on-year.

Shen Jinjun, president of the CADA, said one driving force behind this growth is favorable policies.

"By the end of February, local authorities in 135 cities had removed trade barriers on used cars and the results are starting to show," said Shen at the 2017 China Used Car Assembly held in Wuhan, Hubei province rent handbags.

A survey by Youxin, an online car dealer, shows that over 60 percent of potential buyers in smaller cities would like to choose cars outside their cities because of the limited choice available at home.

Shen said the lack of information transparency, for which the used car sector was notorious, is also improving.

"I once recommended my friends to buy used cars but they would not because they could not get real information about the cars' conditions."

Now things are different, said Shen. Starting from 2015, his organization has been promoting used car certification by third parties to change the situation.

"Credibility is the most important factor for the used car sector to see sustainable development," said Shen.

Many brick-and-mortar markets and internet companies are making their own efforts too.

The Shanghai Used Car Trade Center is home to about 100 car dealers. To attract customers, the center has introduced its own quality system with the help of third-party quality assessment organizations.

"Each day, the cars are examined before they are admitted into the center and the information is made public on our website," said Cai Zhongmin, general manager of the center, adding that some 2,000 used cars are displayed online.

Youxin is doing a similar job but on a much larger scale. Dai Kun, CEO of the internet company, said it is verifying information about some 300,000 used cars a month.

The rise of car evaluation companies is helping customers to know whether used cars are fairly priced, due largely to their vast amounts of data.

Just typing some parameters-including the vehicle's marque, model, age and place of registration-into apps such as Che300, will provide a ballpark price. The website now receives about 3 million visits a day.

Xu Wei, CEO of Che300, said he is planning to offer a function that will help visitors to find what cars they need by asking them several questions Tin Hau Temple.

"The main function of big data is the ability to find out what you want based on information you provide."

Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the CADA, said the market itself is becoming more mature.

He said China has 200 million cars on its roads, which means abundant supplies. He added that on average passenger cars in the country are four and half years old, which happens to fall into the age range of most popular used cars in China: three to six years.

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24 mai 2017

More than just a school

Historic artifacts from ancient times can't just be found in the usual museums listed on travel guides-Shanghai's academic institutions are home to a significant number as well Alipay HK.

Universities and colleges in Shanghai are not merely centers of academia and research but also repositories for large volumes of cultural relics and national treasures, with 13 university museums in the city accounting for about one-tenth of the nation's total SmarTone Care.

The items stored in these institutions, which fall under the Shanghai Educational Alliance of University and College Museums, range from bones dating back to the Shang Dynasty (16th century to 11th century BC) to the nation's largest odontocete specimens to Chinese musical instruments and ancient costumes.

"University museums can deliver great knowledge to the students and even the public. It is like an open classroom for everyone to learn," said Liu Zhaohui, director of Museum of Fudan University.

As such, travelers in Shanghai who are looking to learn more about China could consider visiting these five university museums that specialize in different aspects of Chinese history and culture.

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11 mai 2017

Czech president praises initiative

Milos Zeman, president of the Czech Republic, has hailed the Belt and Road Initiative as the greatest infrastructure project in history and said he is looking forward to building greater connectivity between China and his country.

"I will attend the forum, and the topic I am most concerned with is the Belt and Road, the world's largest initiative for infrastructure construction," Zeman said in an interview with China Daily on Monday.

He was speaking ahead of his departure for Beijing, where he will participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which will be held in Beijing on Sunday and Monday.

"I am glad to see that the Belt and Road Initiative, which connects China and Europe, also includes the Czech Republic," he said.

Zeman, whose visit to China will be his third since assuming the presidency in 2013, will join 27 heads of state and government leaders, more than 80 leaders of international organizations and more than 1,000 other participants.

A strong supporter of the initiative, which was proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, Zeman has met Xi six times in the past three years dermes vs medilase.

China and the Czech Republic signed a memorandum of understanding on the initiative in November 2015.

The countries upgraded their relationship to a strategic partnership last year, when Xi became the first Chinese president to visit the Czech Republic.

During talks with Xi during the Chinese president's visit, Zeman expressed the hope that his country will become China's gateway to the European Union and a hub for transportation and finance in China-EU trade.

The Czech Republic is a member of the "16+1" group, formed by 16 Central and Eastern European countries and China.

The concept is China's mechanism for engaging with Central and Eastern Europe, and with the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative dermes vs medilase.

As a result, Zeman expects to see further developments, especially in infrastructure, transportation and the bilateral exchange of goods and services.

He will witness the signing of a number of agreements during his visit to China.

He added that he was particularly delighted about a project to train a group of Chinese pilots in the Czech Republic, despite the relatively small scale of the undertaking.

Zeman is keen to see more cooperation in aviation between the two countries.

He said opening more air routes will improve people-to-people exchanges between China and the Czech Republic, while cooperation in the rail sector will involve greater transportation of freight.

He pointed out that the number of Chinese visiting the Czech Republic has almost doubled in the past year, mainly thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative and the upgrading of bilateral relations after Xi's visit dermes vs medilase.

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18 janvier 2017

I want happiness

I want to happiness ... not live in the bustling metropolis, but not in a very developed but not very remote areas, have a home of our own, a physical and mental cohabitation nest, of course, there is a you…

    I want the happiness ... not how good you want, but a coexistence of the pros and cons of the real you, remove the camouflage in front of others, crying in front of me cry, want to laugh laugh ~ because your heart also needs rely…

    I want to happiness ... not you want to be rich, but there is a understand me, care about me, understand my heart you, this heart does not need too much, can accommodate me enough, because I do not want and Share with ...

    I want to work together to the bus when it is enough to four feet standing less tdo sohan 30 square centimeters, there is a fear of me because of the brakes and fall, hold armrest said to me: rest assured, help With me ...
 you laughr

    I want happiness ... not how handsome you more free and easy ... but home from work when the kitchen rattled kitchen utensils can not be called music for the music, the family has a you eat I can say that it is difficult Eat a lot of food, and then smiled and told me that the food to do so ...

    I want to happiness ... not your sentence and a sentence: I can give you happiness, but two people know each other ... ... is a walk together, there is a nagging you listen to the day anecdote, tell me you this One day the story, with me watching basketball, Kan football, chat military, even though I am not 100% fans ... because I like ...

    I want to happiness ... is the wages of each day, together with the number of plans to buy rice, how much money to buy food, how much money sent to parents, and then count how much we can buy a car to buy a house ... Although very far away, We have hope, and hope to work together with the struggle of the ...

    I want to happiness ... is the rain of your phone: Do not be afraid, I pick you ~ is frustrated when your sentence: It does not matter, there I am! ~ Is happy when your phrase: silly like children, to see you laugh!

    I want happiness, you are happy when I urgently told me to share your happiness, is your sad when you say to me, although I can not help, but I can listen to your sadness around you ~

    I want the happiness of two people through thick and thin, I do not want you to a person from all the anti-responsibility, do not want you to put all the responsibility to me, but common to face ... because life is only colorful experience ... will There is worth recalling the code ~

    I want happiness, not just now you coax me, pet me, but ten years, twenty years later, you are still still ... is the time to cherish your hand and the child carrying the old ... and then the life bit by bit Drop as part of life, in the twilight years sitting rocking chair slowly chat ... ...

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