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20 juillet 2017

Used car market cruises ahead as limitations lifted

The used car sector is speeding along the fast lane in China, as hurdles that affect its development are disappearing one by one, according to industry insiders.

Statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association show that just under 1 million used cars were sold in May, a 19 percent increase year-on-year.

The performance brought overall car sales in the first five months to 4.8 million vehicles, up 20.7 percent from the same period last year.

The CADA expects the growth rate to hover around 20 percent, with sales to reach 12 million vehicles this year. China saw 10.39 million used cars sold last year, a 10.41 percent growth year-on-year.

Shen Jinjun, president of the CADA, said one driving force behind this growth is favorable policies.

"By the end of February, local authorities in 135 cities had removed trade barriers on used cars and the results are starting to show," said Shen at the 2017 China Used Car Assembly held in Wuhan, Hubei province.

A survey by Youxin, an online car dealer, shows that over 60 percent of potential buyers in smaller cities would like to choose cars outside their cities because of the limited choice available at home.

Shen said the lack of information transparency, for which the used car sector was notorious, is also improving.

"I once recommended my friends to buy used cars but they would not because they could not get real information about the cars' conditions."

Now things are different, said Shen. Starting from 2015, his organization has been promoting used car certification by third parties to change the situation.

"Credibility is the most important factor for the used car sector to see sustainable development," said Shen.

Many brick-and-mortar markets and internet companies are making their own efforts too.

The Shanghai Used Car Trade Center is home to about 100 car dealers. To attract customers, the center has introduced its own quality system with the help of third-party quality assessment organizations.

"Each day, the cars are examined before they are admitted into the center and the information is made public on our website," said Cai Zhongmin, general manager of the center, adding that some 2,000 used cars are displayed online.

Youxin is doing a similar job but on a much larger scale. Dai Kun, CEO of the internet company, said it is verifying information about some 300,000 used cars a month.

The rise of car evaluation companies is helping customers to know whether used cars are fairly priced, due largely to their vast amounts of data.

Just typing some parameters-including the vehicle's marque, model, age and place of registration-into apps such as Che300, will provide a ballpark price. The website now receives about 3 million visits a day.

Xu Wei, CEO of Che300, said he is planning to offer a function that will help visitors to find what cars they need by asking them several questions.

"The main function of big data is the ability to find out what you want based on information you provide."

Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the CADA, said the market itself is becoming more mature.

He said China has 200 million cars on its roads, which means abundant supplies. He added that on average passenger cars in the country are four and half years old, which happens to fall into the age range of most popular used cars in China: three to six years.

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24 mai 2017

More than just a school

Historic artifacts from ancient times can't just be found in the usual museums listed on travel guides-Shanghai's academic institutions are home to a significant number as well Alipay HK.

Universities and colleges in Shanghai are not merely centers of academia and research but also repositories for large volumes of cultural relics and national treasures, with 13 university museums in the city accounting for about one-tenth of the nation's total SmarTone Care.

The items stored in these institutions, which fall under the Shanghai Educational Alliance of University and College Museums, range from bones dating back to the Shang Dynasty (16th century to 11th century BC) to the nation's largest odontocete specimens to Chinese musical instruments and ancient costumes dr bk laser.

"University museums can deliver great knowledge to the students and even the public. It is like an open classroom for everyone to learn," said Liu Zhaohui, director of Museum of Fudan University.

As such, travelers in Shanghai who are looking to learn more about China could consider visiting these five university museums that specialize in different aspects of Chinese history and culture.

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11 mai 2017

Czech president praises initiative

Milos Zeman, president of the Czech Republic, has hailed the Belt and Road Initiative as the greatest infrastructure project in history and said he is looking forward to building greater connectivity between China and his country.

"I will attend the forum, and the topic I am most concerned with is the Belt and Road, the world's largest initiative for infrastructure construction," Zeman said in an interview with China Daily on Monday.

He was speaking ahead of his departure for Beijing, where he will participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which will be held in Beijing on Sunday and Monday.

"I am glad to see that the Belt and Road Initiative, which connects China and Europe, also includes the Czech Republic," he said.

Zeman, whose visit to China will be his third since assuming the presidency in 2013, will join 27 heads of state and government leaders, more than 80 leaders of international organizations and more than 1,000 other participants.

A strong supporter of the initiative, which was proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, Zeman has met Xi six times in the past three years dermes vs medilase.

China and the Czech Republic signed a memorandum of understanding on the initiative in November 2015.

The countries upgraded their relationship to a strategic partnership last year, when Xi became the first Chinese president to visit the Czech Republic.

During talks with Xi during the Chinese president's visit, Zeman expressed the hope that his country will become China's gateway to the European Union and a hub for transportation and finance in China-EU trade.

The Czech Republic is a member of the "16+1" group, formed by 16 Central and Eastern European countries and China.

The concept is China's mechanism for engaging with Central and Eastern Europe, and with the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative dermes vs medilase.

As a result, Zeman expects to see further developments, especially in infrastructure, transportation and the bilateral exchange of goods and services.

He will witness the signing of a number of agreements during his visit to China.

He added that he was particularly delighted about a project to train a group of Chinese pilots in the Czech Republic, despite the relatively small scale of the undertaking.

Zeman is keen to see more cooperation in aviation between the two countries.

He said opening more air routes will improve people-to-people exchanges between China and the Czech Republic, while cooperation in the rail sector will involve greater transportation of freight.

He pointed out that the number of Chinese visiting the Czech Republic has almost doubled in the past year, mainly thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative and the upgrading of bilateral relations after Xi's visit dermes vs medilase.

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18 janvier 2017

I want happiness

I want to happiness ... not live in the bustling metropolis, but not in a very developed but not very remote areas, have a home of our own, a physical and mental cohabitation nest, of course, there is a you…

    I want the happiness ... not how good you want, but a coexistence of the pros and cons of the real you, remove the camouflage in front of others, crying in front of me cry, want to laugh laugh ~ because your heart also needs rely…

    I want to happiness ... not you want to be rich, but there is a understand me, care about me, understand my heart you, this heart does not need too much, can accommodate me enough, because I do not want and Share with ...

    I want to work together to the bus when it is enough to four feet standing less than 30 square centimeters, there is a fear of me because of the brakes and fall, hold armrest said to me: rest assured, help With me ...

    I want happiness ... not how handsome you more free and easy ... but home from work when the kitchen rattled kitchen utensils can not be called music for the music, the family has a you eat I can say that it is difficult Eat a lot of food, and then smiled and told me that the food to do so dr bk laser...

    I want to happiness ... not your sentence and a sentence: I can give you happiness, but two people know each other ... ... is a walk together, there is a nagging you listen to the day anecdote, tell me you this One day the story, with me watching basketball, Kan football, chat military, even though I am not 100% fans ... because I like ...

    I want to happiness ... is the wages of each day, together with the number of plans to buy rice, how much money to buy food, how much money sent to parents, and then count how much we can buy a car to buy a house ... Although very far away, We have hope, and hope to work together with the struggle of the ...

    I want to happiness ... is the rain of your phone: Do not be afraid, I pick you ~ is frustrated when your sentence: It does not matter, there I am! ~ Is happy when your phrase: silly like children, to see you laugh dr bk laser!

    I want happiness, you are happy when I urgently told me to share your happiness, is your sad when you say to me, although I can not help, but I can listen to your sadness around you ~

    I want the happiness of two people through thick and thin, I do not want you to a person from all the anti-responsibility, do not want you to put all the responsibility to me, but common to face ... because life is only colorful experience Office Furniture... will There is worth recalling the code ~

    I want happiness, not just now you coax me, pet me, but ten years, twenty years later, you are still still ... is the time to cherish your hand and the child carrying the old ... and then the life bit by bit Drop as part of life, in the twilight years sitting rocking chair slowly chat ... ...

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05 janvier 2017

Helpless on the keyboard

The keyboard notes on the keyboard dance, always make people forget. On the keyboard of love, always full of Psychedelic colors. With curiosity, walking in the network, using the keyboard to describe a small section of a beautiful story, the interpretation of a heartbeat moment. In the network unreal, and with his own experience, to show their own space, network, this stage of life, do not know how many people are pessimistic clutch deduction every day, her happiness or sorrow.
The rest of the work will always walk in the network, see those Platon love, always envy. See those enenyuanyuan they have avoided. Afraid of the network, but also want to touch the illusion of the network, the total fantasy of a love affair with Platon. So in the spring of that year I met you, try the psychedelic network. Tried to give love and love on the keyboard!
When everything is just the fact that as trassient as a fleeting cloud with just that feeling of attachment, and not the real you, love is only a heartbeat of the vest. Was the hope that vest is color, always think it is for me shine, sing for me, so always touched those words, touched those soulful interpretation. This life only because never try so hard, because have never written, so the text is always with sentimental. I tried to play, you can play the experienced you are always moving to pay, that everything is so worthy of trust, it is worth moving, it is worth to treat you with a sincere heart.
In fact, think about it, I do not know how many girls you contact at the same time!! Why do people for a happy and happy, always go to prepare so many stories, when you are in the story, you have thought about those stories but hurt my heart, because each person experiences are not the same, how do you know my limit?
Although I do not deny my feelings in the network, although I still attached to the feeling, but I feel the network is an illusion of the trap. Every man has his own mind, which is easy to get lost in the sea of thought. When thinking about the time to get rid of but still sentimentally attached to, the kind of pain can not extricate themselves tortured soul...
When the pain and torture expressed in words, these words have actually deviated from their original intention, perhaps just a feeling, and to create a false illusion of the network. If you want to know a person, to see his work, or slightly understand one or two, but if you look at his work, you will never understand this person. Who knows what kind of heartache behind the text, how a face, sigh, text and voice and how to express a person's heart Hong Kong Stop over? Of course, also can see a part of their own grief from the text, see their wounds and struggle, contradictions and throb. But it's just a little bit!
Have the desire to net a man together in the mind, without too many words, not only need to accompany every day, a sincere, straight soul greetings is enough. When used to screen view of willow, willow will find is full of romance and tenderness, feeling the hand can reach. The day of the opening of the Q is only for you and set up, a short company always makes people feel gratified
Time slowly passed away, took away the passion of the spark, leaving the tired together Business Programme BBA. Even more unfortunate is that when the so-called love if there is a motive at the beginning, after walking back and string up to think about how sad! If everything is a purpose, and methodically lured you into the trap, you still do not know, I thought you really met in the vast sea of love! Then maybe you suddenly wake up, people is arranged! At the end of may only want to cry but no tears, heartache cannot breathe....... But now, I also naive attachment that with no reality whatever dream.
When love is a game, is a story, writing a novel, written drama props, the feeling is so sad, we can easily change the TV, we can pick any of the characters in the novel, and we really can not change it, the story of the people can easily change? What does love mean? Behind the magician, or WAN Optimization Solution?
Looked at the sky, worry go, empty sigh and sigh to the network, feeling cut, also more chaos, feels alone.

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08 novembre 2016

Tolerance is more powerful than punishment

This is a coach on the real story, in the sharp turns of the mountain, because no seat and standing in the middle of a female passenger suddenly felt someone touched her, then found the purse did not, then loudly Stolen.

The conductor did not ask the driver to drive to the nearby police station, but to all the passengers, said: "We are not easy to go out, please the hand of the high hand, put the wallet on the ground, before going through a tunnel, no People will see you. If you are sentenced to two years' imprisonment because of this, it is not worth it hong kong company registry. "

So, in the coach through the dark tunnel, the purse returned to the hands of female passengers, there is no wrong in this world can not go back, there is no error can not be corrected, the face of other people's mistakes, and sometimes tolerance than punishment More powerful.

Let the miracle of the fall, and often not a mistake, but a cold refuses to forgive, refused to believe in the heart, may wish to imagine: If the conductor let the driver drove to a nearby police station, The person "will be punished by the law, although doing justice to punish the evil, but let that person will never lose the opportunity to turn over a new leaf SEO Hong Kong.

The clever conductor, who not only protected the property of the female passenger, but also gave the "fast man" a chance to turn over a new leaf, and he might have changed his mind since then, and if that were the case, The conductor inadvertently saved a fallen soul.
[Mature definition]:

The child's maturity, not age, but independent restraint!

Fruit ripening, not the color of beauty, but sweet taste!

A woman's maturity, not the ability to extraordinary, but Wenliangxianshu!

Men's mature, not a blend of life, but good at playing dermes vs medilase!

Political maturity, not the victory of the struggle, but a win-win situation and!

Leadership mature, not to give orders, is able to widely admonish!

Character maturity, not calm, but can flexion and extension!

The maturity of life, not no desire, but the blessing of blessing!

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19 octobre 2016

A little more moral self

I believe in a truth: what is the lack of publicity. As an important base for external cultural output, Confucius college, in Europe and the United States set up a lot, but later was closed down some, said it was not necessary. I think this is normal, Confucius is moral, but they don't mean. Confucius said at home to honor their parents, respect for teachers to go out, this zhayiting was very tall, can be fine but tasteless, Confucius do not say, we have to abuse old child brother? Hungry to eat, thirsty to drink water, this is not the truth, but common sense, who will put the common sense as a topic to preach, but if Ma said, it is estimated to become a famous.
A moral person is not a representative of the moral, but a moral practitioner, who is the person who eats the meal. A lot of moral, in itself is a moral trample, those in the unit presided over the leadership of the meeting, a few days into the. More and more like a flicker of morality, the preacher is to allow others to abide by the moral, to maintain their own superior position. I think, ask others do not Niubi, their practice, and led a bunch of people follow do niubi. Ask others how to do the provisions of the moral, their practice of moral character. Here is the most rampant moralizer, is the lack of practice, so we have created too many aphorisms, but also cultivate a lot of noble moral character scum.
From small to large, the moral is not a fraud two times.
In college, had to write an old man, was called Lianbi, now called hand cheap. The old man in the letter to his hometown, many times to educate my parents to be tolerant, in particular, to tolerance of social inequality, so as to maintain the physical and mental health, and with his own state of evidence. My tolerance is the beginning of Enlightenment from then, now that I think this is not called tolerance, called fate. In a letter, I can move the truth, do not ignore the style of writing, sensational foreshadowing, truth results angered the old man, the old man no longer write to me, and to others in a letter, repeatedly accusing me of arrogance, not filial piety, accompanied by my reputation fall is my self-confidence fall. At that time, I reflect on their mistakes again and again, until today has not been out of the mood of remorse, but also did not go out of the reputation of the fall. Of course, I did not understand now come over, good tolerance which went to say good physical and mental health?
Now, the old man is no longer alive, I no longer reflect on. Just to understand the truth, that is, to be able to preach the moral, the preacher is not used to practice, but to others to listen to. To life, some parents of pet dogs than she was okay, tell people that pets to cultivate love, to the society, that glorious labor, labor is not, the patriotic education of others, mostly to send their children abroad, those who speak independent, mostly corrupt officials hong kong travel deals.
Almost all of us have been brought up to be deceived, so that we can not be full of vigilance against the moral.
In the cafeteria, a colleague gave me two dollars. Ticket, I temporarily feel suddenly, and then quickly back recently if I help anyone, so he failed to carefully ask: "when I lent you dish tickets?" The other party said, "take it, these people don't like you."." He turned away, a dilute phase superiority and plays with me. I have no language, how to borrow the thing of the cow force? Eat shit shit is harder than! Besides, and how do I like it? I'm not going to borrow someone else at least. You put a fart in there, leaving the door shut, let me inside you, the aftertaste, what kind of goods are better than me! For the borrowed things, do not have also lent moral superiority, I suggest you don't talk to him.
In fact, similar people, similar things, in our life will often meet, just different appearance of different degrees. For this, my mind is, thank God, let me enrich the experience, let me see a thousand people like Hong Kong travel tips.
In life, there are two kinds of people we need to be vigilant, one is not moving to treat people, one is to blame others for the. We can push back, do not care about the people, he will not let other people treat, generous people, he does not care about other people. Of course, do not care about is not equal to the idiot, he may be far away from those who really stingy and not treat people, but his mind decided he will not care about. I often attend some of the students of the party, said the truth, I was that basically do not pay people, my principle is: to eat their own food, let others pay to go. Of course, I also did not mix to afford single point, but I thought that, since there are students with leadership and called the nouveau riche, dinner is also a few of them, they should take the initiative to pay, otherwise, what should the students. Some talk so shameless, yes, I was such a shameless person, they're rich wayward, I am shameless self willed. I went to the students of the invitation, even if it is to give them face, if you feel me, please do not invite me, I would not mind. I hate those guys who call people to show their feelings Hong Kong Sightseeing.

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27 septembre 2016

I like fall the best.

Although a year has four distinctive seasons, spring recovery of all things, full of vitality; summer beautiful winter; a hundred flowers contend in beauty, the frozen snow, majestic and grand, it is a dance for joy, but I love most is autumn.
The autumn climate is pleasant, bright, the breeze, feel comfortable. Because there is no summer so hot, there is no winter so cold, but also more fun than the spring.
Autumn is a mature season, bring people the joy of harvest. The fiery sorghum, the earth was dyed red; yellow rice, the fields bathed in golden white cotton; petals, merged into the white sea; the red maple leaves, like a bloody style HKUE ENG.
Autumn lake is clear, the water temperature is also the most suitable for swimming enthusiasts swimming for a long time. Recently, I have to go to East Lake Jinzhou swimming many times a day, each time swimming in half an hour or more, and sometimes swim for 2 hours. The water temperature in the summer heat, poor water quality, it is not suitable for long time to swim in the water, the water temperature is too low in winter, but can not swim for a long time.
Life is like the autumn in the long years of vicissitudes after the bright and colorful honed to mature, full of emotion, the autumn is the best time of life tourism online training. The autumn of life as sweet wine, like a magnificent poem, is a touching song. If the sun and the moon cycle of the four seasons is a dramatic ups and downs of the drama, then the fall is the climax of the drama, let a person yearning, exciting, this is the charm of autumn.
My life has entered the late autumn season, therefore, I love autumn ielts exam date.

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13 août 2015

competition on the smartphone market.

The firm posted a steep decline in sales for its mobile division, reflecting intense international competition on the smartphone market Karson Choi.

Lenovo, the world's biggest PC-maker, said it plans to lay off around 10% of its worldwide non-manufacturing employees, about 3,200 jobs, as part of overall cost-cutting measures aimed at saving $650m in the remainder of 2015.
Lagging smartphone sector

Lenovo reported significant declines in its global computer and tablet sector, as well as increasing competition and slowing growth in the smartphone market.

Chief executive Yuanqing Yang said the company would also restructure its smartphone business amid the "toughest market environment in recent years" Karson Choi.

The company last year bought the Motorola brand from Google for $2.9bn to boost its position on the market, citing "intensifying competition and long product development lifecycles" as particular challenges in the sector.

Lenovo's mobile division saw a pre-tax loss of $292m in the three months to the end of June rent apartment .

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05 août 2015

whether this job is the right fit. In either case,

At BMW’s US factory in South Carolina, there is a perception among job applicants that it is quite challenging to get a job there unless they previously worked for a sub-contractor. If true, this could be one way BMW vets its applicants. If they are good enough for a sub-contractor, they are likely good enough for BMW’s big plant, one contractor told mereenex.

It’s not hard to see how this hiring method — selecting people from related suppliers —could benefit an array of companies. Hiring, and just as importantly, firing, costs can be enormous. Having first-hand knowledge of a worker — as opposed to the standard information based on resumes, interviews, and references — is vastly superior because it is customised to the company and its culture, it is completely up to date and it is much less costly. And if it reduces the odds of having to let someone go, even better. What HR or operating manager wouldn’t want to avoid disruption, inefficiency and added costreenex ?

Pity the leader who hasn’t picked up on the power of “try before you buy” when it comes to identifying talent. This trend is only growing. For example, many companies encourage their employees to recommend their friends, another form of pre-vetting that reduces the odds of hiring a lemon. Some employees even get a bonus if their friend is hired.

And what about internships, the one currency of youth that is increasing in value every year? Undergraduates, as well as graduate students in law and business, know that the best path to finding a job is working for that same company while still in school. This benefits the prospective employer, and also helps students realise — early on — whether this job is the right fit. In either case, who wouldn’t want to try before they buyreenex>

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