Although a year has four distinctive seasons, spring recovery of all things, full of vitality; summer beautiful winter; a hundred flowers contend in beauty, the frozen snow, majestic and grand, it is a dance for joy, but I love most is autumn.
The autumn climate is pleasant, bright, the breeze, feel comfortable. Because there is no summer so hot, there is no winter so cold, but also more fun than the spring.
Autumn is a mature season, bring people the joy of harvest. The fiery sorghum, the earth was dyed red; yellow rice, the fields bathed in golden white cotton; petals, merged into the white sea; the red maple leaves, like a bloody style HKUE ENG.
Autumn lake is clear, the water temperature is also the most suitable for swimming enthusiasts swimming for a long time. Recently, I have to go to East Lake Jinzhou swimming many times a day, each time swimming in half an hour or more, and sometimes swim for 2 hours. The water temperature in the summer heat, poor water quality, it is not suitable for long time to swim in the water, the water temperature is too low in winter, but can not swim for a long time.
Life is like the autumn in the long years of vicissitudes after the bright and colorful honed to mature, full of emotion, the autumn is the best time of life tourism online training. The autumn of life as sweet wine, like a magnificent poem, is a touching song. If the sun and the moon cycle of the four seasons is a dramatic ups and downs of the drama, then the fall is the climax of the drama, let a person yearning, exciting, this is the charm of autumn.
My life has entered the late autumn season, therefore, I love autumn ielts exam date.