This is a coach on the real story, in the sharp turns of the mountain, because no seat and standing in the middle of a female passenger suddenly felt someone touched her, then found the purse did not, then loudly Stolen.

The conductor did not ask the driver to drive to the nearby police station, but to all the passengers, said: "We are not easy to go out, please the hand of the high hand, put the wallet on the ground, before going through a tunnel, no People will see you. If you are sentenced to two years' imprisonment because of this, it is not worth it hong kong company registry. "

So, in the coach through the dark tunnel, the purse returned to the hands of female passengers, there is no wrong in this world can not go back, there is no error can not be corrected, the face of other people's mistakes, and sometimes tolerance than punishment More powerful.

Let the miracle of the fall, and often not a mistake, but a cold refuses to forgive, refused to believe in the heart, may wish to imagine: If the conductor let the driver drove to a nearby police station, The person "will be punished by the law, although doing justice to punish the evil, but let that person will never lose the opportunity to turn over a new leaf SEO Hong Kong.

The clever conductor, who not only protected the property of the female passenger, but also gave the "fast man" a chance to turn over a new leaf, and he might have changed his mind since then, and if that were the case, The conductor inadvertently saved a fallen soul.
[Mature definition]:

The child's maturity, not age, but independent restraint!

Fruit ripening, not the color of beauty, but sweet taste!

A woman's maturity, not the ability to extraordinary, but Wenliangxianshu!

Men's mature, not a blend of life, but good at playing dermes vs medilase!

Political maturity, not the victory of the struggle, but a win-win situation and!

Leadership mature, not to give orders, is able to widely admonish!

Character maturity, not calm, but can flexion and extension!

The maturity of life, not no desire, but the blessing of blessing!