The keyboard notes on the keyboard dance, always make people forget. On the keyboard of love, always full of Psychedelic colors. With curiosity, walking in the network, using the keyboard to describe a small section of a beautiful story, the interpretation of a heartbeat moment. In the network unreal, and with his own experience, to show their own space, network, this stage of life, do not know how many people are pessimistic clutch deduction every day, her happiness or sorrow.
The rest of the work will always walk in the network, see those Platon love, always envy. See those enenyuanyuan they have avoided. Afraid of the network, but also want to touch the illusion of the network, the total fantasy of a love affair with Platon. So in the spring of that year I met you, try the psychedelic network. Tried to give love and love on the keyboard!
When everything is just the fact that as trassient as a fleeting cloud with just that feeling of attachment, and not the real you, love is only a heartbeat of the vest. Was the hope that vest is color, always think it is for me shine, sing for me, so always touched those words, touched those soulful interpretation. This life only because never try so hard, because have never written, so the text is always with sentimental. I tried to play, you can play the experienced you are always moving to pay, that everything is so worthy of trust, it is worth moving, it is worth to treat you with a sincere heart.
In fact, think about it, I do not know how many girls you contact at the same time!! Why do people for a happy and happy, always go to prepare so many stories, when you are in the story, you have thought about those stories but hurt my heart, because each person experiences are not the same, how do you know my limit?
Although I do not deny my feelings in the network, although I still attached to the feeling, but I feel the network is an illusion of the trap. Every man has his own mind, which is easy to get lost in the sea of thought. When thinking about the time to get rid of but still sentimentally attached to, the kind of pain can not extricate themselves tortured soul...
When the pain and torture expressed in words, these words have actually deviated from their original intention, perhaps just a feeling, and to create a false illusion of the network. If you want to know a person, to see his work, or slightly understand one or two, but if you look at his work, you will never understand this person. Who knows what kind of heartache behind the text, how a face, sigh, text and voice and how to express a person's heart Hong Kong Stop over? Of course, also can see a part of their own grief from the text, see their wounds and struggle, contradictions and throb. But it's just a little bit!
Have the desire to net a man together in the mind, without too many words, not only need to accompany every day, a sincere, straight soul greetings is enough. When used to screen view of willow, willow will find is full of romance and tenderness, feeling the hand can reach. The day of the opening of the Q is only for you and set up, a short company always makes people feel gratified
Time slowly passed away, took away the passion of the spark, leaving the tired together Business Programme BBA. Even more unfortunate is that when the so-called love if there is a motive at the beginning, after walking back and string up to think about how sad! If everything is a purpose, and methodically lured you into the trap, you still do not know, I thought you really met in the vast sea of love! Then maybe you suddenly wake up, people is arranged! At the end of may only want to cry but no tears, heartache cannot breathe....... But now, I also naive attachment that with no reality whatever dream.
When love is a game, is a story, writing a novel, written drama props, the feeling is so sad, we can easily change the TV, we can pick any of the characters in the novel, and we really can not change it, the story of the people can easily change? What does love mean? Behind the magician, or WAN Optimization Solution?
Looked at the sky, worry go, empty sigh and sigh to the network, feeling cut, also more chaos, feels alone.