18 janvier 2017

I want happiness

I want to happiness ... not live in the bustling metropolis, but not in a very developed but not very remote areas, have a home of our own, a physical and mental cohabitation nest, of course, there is a you…      I want the happiness ... not how good you want, but a coexistence of the pros and cons of the real you, remove the camouflage in front of others, crying in front of me cry, want to laugh laugh ~ because your heart also needs rely…      I want to happiness ... not you want to... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2017

Helpless on the keyboard

The keyboard notes on the keyboard dance, always make people forget. On the keyboard of love, always full of Psychedelic colors. With curiosity, walking in the network, using the keyboard to describe a small section of a beautiful story, the interpretation of a heartbeat moment. In the network unreal, and with his own experience, to show their own space, network, this stage of life, do not know how many people are pessimistic clutch deduction every day, her happiness or sorrow.The rest of the work will always walk in the network,... [Lire la suite]
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