How to pick the kelp
First, when buying a dry kelp, be sure to open the kelp roll and see if the kelp is complete. If the kelp is small and very broken, do not buy it.
Two, look at whether there are small holes on kelp or large area of breakage. If there is any, it shows that seaweed is worm eaten or mouldy and deteriorated during long storage.
Three, choose dry kelp, first look at a white powder with the surface, because the iodine kelp is the highest food, it also contains a valuable material nutrition - mannitol.
Four, the abnormal color of the kelp is carefully purchased. If the seaweed is bought home, if the washing water has abnormal color, it should stop using it so as not to affect health.
Ginger dumplings with seaweed
Main ingredients: kelp, carrot, ginger, fresh shrimp and Chinese Cabbage
Making methods:
Soak 1 kelp for 3-4 hours and roll it into small volume. Put in the pressure cooker for ten minutes, and the manual exhaust can remove the smell of some kelp.
2 take a small amount of ginger juice into the water and noodles.
3 cut the kelp, carrots, Chiang, Chinese cabbage, do not control the soup.

4 at last, the fresh shrimps are chopped and stirred, and they can be wrapped in the noodles.
For patients with hyperthyroidism in pregnant and lactating women eat kelp, eaten in moderation.