In this regard, the Municipal Administration of land and housing has returned to: it has been verified that the site is prone to geological disasters, and its management work takes a long time. In addition, due to the complex terrain of the land, the pollution stem pipe can not be completed in a short time, which will lead to the construction projects of Vanke Company is difficult to start. At present, a consensus has been reached with the Vanke Company to recover the land.


From the time of the land planning conditions in the letter to block in the geological disaster prone areas, the construction must first conduct special investigation and remediation work, the qualified standard before the construction of the regional library; and waterfront waterfront building block should strictly control the height of the building, not a high-rise building.


In addition, according to the planning conditions letter, if the land assignee has not been determined until October 17, 2017, the Conditional Letter of the construction land shall be re handled by the letter from the planning administrative department.



Retracted plot position map


Massif information


G standard zoning G13-5-4/04 area of the Dazhu forest group in Liangjiang New Area


Use: two types of residential land


Land area: 63835 square meters


Land area: 95.75 Mu


Building area: 95753 square meters


Volume rate: 1.5


Total price: 459 million 600 thousand yuan


Floor price: 4800 yuan / square meters


Net land price: 4 million 800 thousand yuan / mu


Margin: 229 million 800 thousand yuan


Time of sale: December 12, 2016


Total transaction price: 675 million yuan


Turnover floor price: 7049 yuan / square meters


Net land price: 7 million 49 thousand and 500 yuan / mu


Transaction unit: Vanke