I believe in a truth: what is the lack of publicity. As an important base for external cultural output, Confucius college, in Europe and the United States set up a lot, but later was closed down some, said it was not necessary. I think this is normal, Confucius is moral, but they don't mean. Confucius said at home to honor their parents, respect for teachers to go out, this zhayiting was very tall, can be fine but tasteless, Confucius do not say, we have to abuse old child brother? Hungry to eat, thirsty to drink water, this is not the truth, but common sense, who will put the common sense as a topic to preach, but if Ma said, it is estimated to become a famous.
A moral person is not a representative of the moral, but a moral practitioner, who is the person who eats the meal. A lot of moral, in itself is a moral trample, those in the unit presided over the leadership of the meeting, a few days into the. More and more like a flicker of morality, the preacher is to allow others to abide by the moral, to maintain their own superior position. I think, ask others do not Niubi, their practice, and led a bunch of people follow do niubi. Ask others how to do the provisions of the moral, their practice of moral character. Here is the most rampant moralizer, is the lack of practice, so we have created too many aphorisms, but also cultivate a lot of noble moral character scum.
From small to large, the moral is not a fraud two times.
In college, had to write an old man, was called Lianbi, now called hand cheap. The old man in the letter to his hometown, many times to educate my parents to be tolerant, in particular, to tolerance of social inequality, so as to maintain the physical and mental health, and with his own state of evidence. My tolerance is the beginning of Enlightenment from then, now that I think this is not called tolerance, called fate. In a letter, I can move the truth, do not ignore the style of writing, sensational foreshadowing, truth results angered the old man, the old man no longer write to me, and to others in a letter, repeatedly accusing me of arrogance, not filial piety, accompanied by my reputation fall is my self-confidence fall. At that time, I reflect on their mistakes again and again, until today has not been out of the mood of remorse, but also did not go out of the reputation of the fall. Of course, I did not understand now come over, good tolerance which went to say good physical and mental health?
Now, the old man is no longer alive, I no longer reflect on. Just to understand the truth, that is, to be able to preach the moral, the preacher is not used to practice, but to others to listen to. To life, some parents of pet dogs than she was okay, tell people that pets to cultivate love, to the society, that glorious labor, labor is not, the patriotic education of others, mostly to send their children abroad, those who speak independent, mostly corrupt officials hong kong travel deals.
Almost all of us have been brought up to be deceived, so that we can not be full of vigilance against the moral.
In the cafeteria, a colleague gave me two dollars. Ticket, I temporarily feel suddenly, and then quickly back recently if I help anyone, so he failed to carefully ask: "when I lent you dish tickets?" The other party said, "take it, these people don't like you."." He turned away, a dilute phase superiority and plays with me. I have no language, how to borrow the thing of the cow force? Eat shit shit is harder than! Besides, and how do I like it? I'm not going to borrow someone else at least. You put a fart in there, leaving the door shut, let me inside you, the aftertaste, what kind of goods are better than me! For the borrowed things, do not have also lent moral superiority, I suggest you don't talk to him.
In fact, similar people, similar things, in our life will often meet, just different appearance of different degrees. For this, my mind is, thank God, let me enrich the experience, let me see a thousand people like Hong Kong travel tips.
In life, there are two kinds of people we need to be vigilant, one is not moving to treat people, one is to blame others for the. We can push back, do not care about the people, he will not let other people treat, generous people, he does not care about other people. Of course, do not care about is not equal to the idiot, he may be far away from those who really stingy and not treat people, but his mind decided he will not care about. I often attend some of the students of the party, said the truth, I was that basically do not pay people, my principle is: to eat their own food, let others pay to go. Of course, I also did not mix to afford single point, but I thought that, since there are students with leadership and called the nouveau riche, dinner is also a few of them, they should take the initiative to pay, otherwise, what should the students. Some talk so shameless, yes, I was such a shameless person, they're rich wayward, I am shameless self willed. I went to the students of the invitation, even if it is to give them face, if you feel me, please do not invite me, I would not mind. I hate those guys who call people to show their feelings Hong Kong Sightseeing.